Regenerative Thinking + Innovation Skill = Sustainable Business Growth

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Points of power for change-makers

Talking regenerative business and systems thinking the other day, we came around to Donella Meadows and her classic article “Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System”.  Some web research found this Prezzi Points of …

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Bringing marketing to the light

Many sustainability people I meet are full of stories about “the evil of marketing”. To me, it’s a powerful tool that changes human behaviour – so we’d be much better off taking the tools it’s …

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What the bleep is biomimicry?

Biomimicry is a label for a design process that’s been developing over the past few decades – it’s a design process that happens where technology meets biology and physics. It challenges our traditional approaches of …

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Services and programs

Developing regenerative business change-makers

We spread the possibilities and practicalities of regenerative business innovation through learning and development programs. Our delivery modes include:

Develop your skills with a custom development program

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Meeting local needs
from local resources

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Practical supply chain
innovation programs

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These are ideas worth
spreading, so we spread
them by talking about
them – both in person
and online.

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Where we play

Re-creating supply chain economics

We’re in the game of innovating smart systems that deliver valuable products and services
"Get" it!

The profitable principles of regenerative business

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Do it!

Master the craft of
innovation delivery

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Maximise your results and personal effectiveness

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Who we enable

Inspiring and enabling change-makers

We work with business operators and sustainability professionals to build their capability to deliver regenerative business solutions.
Entrepreneurs Are Everywhere…

All human beings are entrepreneurs – but not everyone is taught the interpersonal and communications skills that are ‘core strengths’ for turning cool possibilities into valuable realities. To accelerate the transition to a regenerative economy, we work with:

  • Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial thinkers  – to go beyond ‘corporate social responsibility’ and ‘environmental sustainability’ to profit from the integrated strategies of Regenerative Business.
  • Sustainability professionals – to master the skills of innovation adoption, change management and interpersonal communication that accelerate the delivery of sustainable business.

Underpinning our work is the core human competency of effective communication. We build your skills in using language to:

  • Design new possibilities
  • Organise action
  • Manage yourself and your relationships

Whether it’s communicating the opportunity side of sustainability and Regenerative Business; facilitating the adoption of new innovations; or managing our time and energy sustainably – communicating WELL is a critical area of expertise.


How we deliver

Training, coaching, mentoring, facilitation, speaking to business, communities and individuals



About us

Do you want to be part of accelerating the transition to regenerative business? We turn entrepreneurs on to sustainability and sustainability people on to the art of execution…

The Regenerative Business Revolution is underway…

Exactly when it began is uncertain – something for future historians to debate. What is definite is that the transition began at least as early as 1995, turning the design work of preceding decades into profitable business action. It may not be visible in mainstream media, but it’s happening around the world.  It goes way beyond traditional approaches to corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

It’s a happening revolution in world views and mind sets…

While it can look enormously complex, the basic principles of regenerative economics are surprisingly straightforward. What makes them seem ‘difficult’ is that they fly in the face of everything we thought we knew about business from the 19th and 20th century.  Understanding them and transmitting them is a game requiring super-effective interpersonal and communication skills.

We’re here to accelerate the process…

Not only is Regenerative Business ‘the greatest opportunity since the invention of money’ – it can also be a whole lot of fun when you have the right skills in communication and change management.