Don’t miss out on the biggest opportunity since the invention of money!Discover how to find your best, high impact opportunities!

Regenerative Business Resources

Doing good is too good to leave to government and charities. It’s full of opportunities for new products, new services and smarter, cleaner, safer forms of value delivery.

“The biggest opportunity since the invention of money” – Alan AtKisson author of “Believing Cassandra”

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What is Regenerative Business?

Business designed to make good money by delivering products, systems and services that:

  • regenerate ecosystems
  • renew communities
  • consume greenhouse gas

It’s a trillion-dollar global opportunity full of:

  • innovation
  • staff engagement
  • productivity gain

Better design for a better world

It’s a whole new approach to designing business value that’s been developing for decades, using powerful mindsets such as:

  • Biomimicry
  • Circular Economy
  • Natural Capitalism
  • The Natural Step
  • Systemic Design

Leading entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in all sorts of businesses all around the world have been proving regenerative business profitable since the 1990s.

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It's the economy

The wealth of environmental challenges we face is a consequence of a whole economic system (inherited from the 19th century and before) that:

  • extracts resources from an apparently infinite ecosystem
  • emits waste into the surrounding environment
  • exploits communities

It’s opportunity and innovation

Leading entrepreneurs who have been developing and testing regenerative business since the 1990s have found that smarter, cleaner, regenerative business not only works – it INCREASES profits as it makes the world better.

What about the government?

Big governments don’t deliver economic innovation at scale. They didn’t make the internet economy, build the first railroads, start the automobile economy or develop the air conditioning industry. They didn’t reinvent transport, accommodation or music.

The radical innovations being delivered daily in product design, service design and business design don’t come from government. Many of the businesses that spawned them started in garages, spare rooms and student dormitories.

The shift is on to regenerative business – a whole economy designed to consume greenhouse gases, regenerate ecosystems and restore communities.

Any entrepreneur or intrapreneur with the right mindsets and sound information can create exciting, rewarding opportunities.


Don’t miss out on the biggest opportunity since
the invention of money!
Discover how to find your best, high impact opportunities!