Don’t miss out on the biggest opportunity since the invention of money!Discover how to find your best, high-impact opportunities.

What will maximise YOUR impact?



New design and economics for delivering impact and profit



Leading solutions for innovating inside human systems



Develop strategies and practices that keep YOU sustainable

Discover a new perspective on sustainability

  • Develop your existing business- or build a new one
  • Grow your local economy
  • Build your career success
  • Have more fun and get more done
  • Be an active part of reversing global warming

Shift your thinking, build your skills and find your piece of the action in making cleaner, smarter, fairer economy.

Explore a wealth of business and career opportunity

The shift is on to an economy that restores and regenerates by design.

We now have decades of innovation proving that cleaner, smarter safer business models are inherently less wasteful, more profitable and more innovative.

The fundamentals of Regenerative Business are surprisingly straightforward once you shift your design thinking.

“Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the world.”

When you see and understand the “new engineering” of business – business engineered to regenerate ecosystems and communities – then your own possibilities will show up.


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Leigh Baker Founder, Balance3

Make building a brighter future YOUR business

Today you can take a tour to the edge of space or talk face-to-face to the other side of the planet. You can order a meal or a car trip on your smartphone and monitor its arrival.

So the notion that we can’t build sustainable businesses that are seriously profitable is really rather absurd.

In fact, research shows increasingly that the opposite is true. The strategic opportunities for “doing well BY doing good” are far too rich to leave to charities and governments.

“We have the technology”

The wealth of existing and emerging solutions are being applied. The evidence is increasing – being smart about doing good for people and planet is also great for improving bottom-line results (and building careers).


Don’t miss out on the biggest opportunity since the invention of money!Discover how to find your best, high impact opportunities!

Discover the science of innovation delivery

The numbers are in – delivering an economy that regenerates ecosystems and communities is a trillion dollar opportunity across our whole economy.

The REAL challenge is human systems change

By default, human systems are biologically evolved to maintain the status quo. Our beliefs shape our perception; belonging and status overpower logic; we seek comfort and shrink from risk.

We have THAT technology, too

We know more than ever before about the science of innovation delivery and behaviour change.

AND the skills for smarter innovation delivery also deliver increased business and career success.


Thrive on the journey

Burn brightly – don’t burn out

Suffering is NOT required – resilience and personal effectiveness are far more sustainable.

With the right understanding, tools and knowledge base, you can set yourself up for a whole new level of successful change-making.

Be your best self, not scared and anxious

Use today’s know how to take more sustainable, meaningful action that makes your life better as well as your world.

“If I tell you what you should do, you should run. The thing you should do is what lights you up. The thing you should do is what turns you on.”
–Paul Hawken

Millions of people around the world have been working on solutions for decades.

Once you understand the practices and possibilities you can truly “be the change you want to see in the world” – or even lead it!


About Leigh Baker

The view from the factory floor

My first career was delivering new business systems into manufacturing and distribution companies in Australia.

I spent decades working with the supply chains and systems that deliver the products and services we use every day. It gave me a broad and deep understanding of resource usage and waste – not to mention the change-resisting nature of the human systems we call “business”.

A shift to the executive office

I got so fascinated by the human side of innovation that I retrained and worked as an organizational coach, exploring the wealth of knowledge we’ve developed about human communication, innovation and resilience.

Then my personal mid-course correction

In 2002 the “sustainability bug” bit –when I discovered the broad exciting field of opportunities called regenerative business. It’s a field that combines my interests, skills and experience.


In Collaboration With


Don’t know where to start?
Wondering where to look for your opportunity?
Book a FREE kickstart call to move you forward now.

Leigh Baker Founder, Balance3

What People Say

“Leigh has a unique ability to draw out positive notions and move regenerative thinking forward in business decisions as a founder.
Her wealth of wisdom and depth of experience is openly shared whilst helping to unlock personal potential and see opportunities that are a little less obvious in sustainable business practices. She’s a breath of fresh air, an influential presence and a mindful advisor.”

Allie Ames, Classic Bouquets

“Leigh’s unique blend of know how and inspiration makes her a whole lot of fun as well as informing and empowering.  Increase your planetary success story. She’s a great mentor, educator and writer.”

Anne-Maree McInerney, Models of Success and Sustainability

“Working with Leigh was exciting. It gave me relief from growing despair and focussed me more on solutions and how I can be part of spreading them. My podcast is better because of it.”

Mark Spencer, Climactic FM

“What Leigh knows about the fun side of sustainability and its opportunities is nothing short of awesome. The connections she makes and the potential they offer makes me feel excited about the future.”

Ian Hopkinson

“It’s not just the writing you do – your editing also adds huge value. The word craft you add means that I understand my own blog – and so do my readers. When I’m looking for ideas, you’re the ultimate expansion pack for my brain. The content ideas we generate together are gold.”

Ian Hopkinson, The Original Mad Scienist

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Don’t miss out on the biggest opportunity since the invention of money!Discover how to find your best, high-impact opportunities.