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Intelligent Transport, systems optimisation and regeneration

A common thinking pattern is “more is better” – the best way to solve a problem is to add something more to it. So the answer to traffic congestion?  Traditionally, it’s been “Build another highway…” …

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Win the climate change battle by winning the economic war

Smart, AI-enabled technology has now been combined with paradigm-shifting business design and entrepreneurial thinking deliver a more renewable grid, faster. “Until now, owners of buildings with big solar installations have needed to consume all the …

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Food court food waste – new system, big reductions

This Fifth Estate story –  JLL cracks the shopping centre waste conundrum, starting in Sydney’s inner west –  is interesting in multiple ways: The centre is owned by Local Government Super as part of its carbon …

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Are you missing out on OPPORTUNITY?

You can leave “the environment” to others…
OR explore ways to profit AND regenerate ecosystems AND grow communities

What if out-of-date  beliefs are blinding you to exciting, powerful, rewarding opportunities?
30+ years of R&D have delivered a wealth of smart technologies and smarter implementation tools!

Explore for new projects and win/win/win solutions

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Grow Local

Create jobs and
restore ecosystems

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Build Your

Uncover smarter, more profitable ways to do business

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Discover what DOESN'T make the news!

.New technologies, new strategies, new economics

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Design differently

How are you redesigning products and services in new ways that

restore communities AND regenerate ecosystems AND renew local economies?

"Get" it!

Where do you look for new opportunities?

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Action it!

New skills to turn smart ideas into results?

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How can YOU do innovation smarter?

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Play a cooler game!

Profitable, sustainable solutions abound – so what’s the stopper?

Business activity is at the heart of the sustainability game…

Business is the primary mover that designs, builds and delivers the products and services that you use every day.

This makes business the key player in sustainability and the engine-room of the transition to a regenerative economy.

And with opportunities of between $12 trillion and $74 trillion recently quantified – who WOULDN’T be interested?

Upgrading the human systems of business…

While the 20th century believed in “rational economics”, business is a human activity with human limitations.

If you’re a smart change-maker, it’s far more useful to observe “business” as a complex arrangement of human systems taking care of the emotional needs of their human members.

With this view, you can apply the lastest know how in Innovation Delivery.

How skilled are you in:

  • Identifying effective leverage points for making change?
  • Engaging and developing alliances that can effectively deliver change?
  • Identifying and blending around resistance?
  • Keeping resilient so you can persist and learn in your change-making?


What do YOU need?

 What new understanding would take you forward?

Changing the world starts with shifting your thinking. Smarter thinking creates better action and more powerful results.

Do you need a better understanding of:

  • The profitable principles of strategic regenerative business?
  • The craft and science of innovation delivery?
  • Personal resilience and sustainability?

Shift YOUR  thinking with a 30-minute, wide-ranging  conversation about regenerative thinking, innovation delivery and opportunity.

Entrepreneur the change...

How could you be part of accelerating the transition to regenerative business?

Are you an entrepreneur ready for new opportunities?

Are you a sustainability advocate ready to level up in the change-making game?

The Regenerative Business Revolution is underway…

Exactly when it began is uncertain – something for future historians to debate. What is definite is that the transition began at least as early as 1995, turning the design work of preceding decades into profitable business action.

It may not be visible in mainstream media, but it’s happening around the world.  It goes way beyond traditional approaches to corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

It’s a happening revolution in world views and mind sets…

We have all the technology and implementation tools we need – for a profitable, regenerative economy!

We know which areas of action will make the most difference as we pull out or collective fingers and get focused!

What makes things ‘difficult’ is the business thinking we’ve carried over from the 19th and 20th century.  Accelerating the development of the regenerative economy is a game requiring super-effective innovation delivery skills, along with next generation interpersonal and communication skills.

Not only is Regenerative Business ‘the greatest opportunity since the invention of money’ – it can also be a whole lot of fun when you have the right skills in communication and change-making.