Do you want to be part of accelerating the transition to regenerative business?

At Balance3, we turn entrepreneurs on to the endless opportunities of sustainability and sustainability people on to the art of business influencing and execution…

The regenerative business revolution is underway…

Exactly when the shift began will be up to future historians to debate.

What is definite is that the transition began at least as early as 1995, turning the design work of preceding decades into profitable business action.

It’s barely visible in mainstream media (yet), but it’s happening around the world.  (When Google, Apple and Dell are engaging in a big way, you’re well past “fad”.)

Our summary of this shift and how it’s playing out is available in our free white paper and manifesto, so download it to find out more.

It’s a happening revolution in world views and mind sets…

While it can look enormously complex, the basic principles of regenerative economics are surprisingly straightforward.  What makes them seem ‘difficult’ is that they fly in the face of everything we thought we knew about business from the 19th and 20th centuries.

We’re here to accelerate the process…

Not only is Regenerative Business ‘the greatest opportunity since the invention of money’ – it can also be a whole lot of fun when you have the right skills.  We’re here to help you:

  • Upgrade your thinking about what sustainable business is
  • Upgrade your skills to turn great inventions into sustained business practices; and
  • Make sure you do it in ways that are personally sustainable, becoming a magnet for change.

Why we can do that…

We ‘get’ business – we’re pragmatic idealists with decades of experience inside the real world of manufacturing and supply chain.  Our core business has always been systems upgrades – for business systems, collaboration systems and personal systems.

We’re across the ‘other revolution’ – the explosion of understanding of human behaviour, innovation adoption and motivation.  We’ve drawn on a wealth of expertise to develop programs, practical tools and processes that up-skill change makers into world changers.

We develop regenerative business entrepreneurs…

We turn Corporate Social Responsiblity and Environmental Sustainability into sources of regenerative business opportunity.  We can help – with business, team and personal development programs:

  • If you’re in business and want to take profitable environmental action; or
  • If you’re in sustainability and want to accelerate the transition that’s underway.

Explore our Services and Programs…

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The foundation of our approach…

Our approach to innovation delivery and personal effectiveness is rooted in the latest thinking on Influencing, Communication, Innovation and the highly effective approach of Ontological Coaching – a unique conversational technology that delivers profound personal and business change.

Find out about Ontological Coaching and how we apply it…

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