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The Deep Green Profit approach

DEEP: because we’re talking strategy and innovation, not window dressing

GREEN: because well-executed business strategies that regenerate ecosystems build MORE profits

PROFIT: because cleaner, smarter and safer is good for the bottom line

“The biggest opportunity since the invention of money…” -Alan AtKisson

What is Deep Green Profit?

Deep Green Profit began as a handbook, and has become an accessible, opportunity-oriented email course.

It starts with a set of pactical, proven principles for making a good business better:

  • better for its owners
  • better for its surrounding community
  • better for its host ecosystems

Plus it comes with a set of straightforward tools for uncovering new opportunities:

  • for business innovation
  • for staff retention
  • for resource productivity

Deep Green Profit Framework

Deep Green Profit – from Handbook to INSIGHTS

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Deep Green Profit Principles

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Better business building a better world

There’s a whole new approach to designing business value that’s been developing for over three decades. It comes with a whole lot of odd-sounding names and strange labels – but behind these terms is a world of practical solutions:

  • Biomimicry
  • Circular Economy
  • Natural Capitalism
  • The Natural Step
  • Systemic Design

The Deep Green Profit approach distills these into 10 straightforward insights, then combines them with an opportunity mapping process.

When you understand the exciting possibilities you can turn them into pragmatic, strategic business innovation.

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Leigh Baker Founder, Balance3

Once upon a time, sustainability was a business compliance cost

But times have changed…

The first ever analysis quantifying the top evidence-based, commercial, no-government-requires solutions to global warming (Project Drawdown – 2017) quantified global savings of $74 trillion?!?!

The Drawdown analysis lists 80 proven strategies for accelerating the shift to:

…an economy that consumes greenhouse gases and restores ecosystems

Separate research into the UN Sustainable Development Goals estimated $12 trillion in private sector opportunity by 2030.

When you break down these global numbers by industry, region and business size, it turns out that there’s a whole heap of opportunity waiting to be developed by businesses of all sizes.

Yet talk to most people in small, medium and large businesses about “the environment” and they’ll tell you it’s a government problem and – if anything – a cost for them.

It’s opportunity and innovation

Leading entrepreneurs who have been developing and testing regenerative business since the 1990s have found that smarter, cleaner, regenerative business not only works – it INCREASES profits as it makes the world better.

While it’s surprisingly straightforward – it’s not always easy…

It requires the same entrepreneurial thinking and innovation skills as any other business development project.

Don't leave the future of your business to the whims of government policy

Big governments don’t deliver economic innovation at scale. They didn’t make the internet economy, build the first railroads, start the automobile economy or develop the air conditioning industry. They didn’t reinvent transport, accommodation or music into online apps.

Citizen entrepreneurs are starting crowd-funded renewable energy cooperatives. Materials innovators are delivering compostable alternatives to structural plastics. Smart thermostats are saving money. Forward thinking farmers are becoming agro-ecologists rebuilding soil quality and habitat.


Register for your FREE email course on the practical principles of Deep Green Profit
Get the inside story on straightforward business strategies to build your business.