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Innovation Delivery Resources

“Successful innovation is the adoption of a new practice by a community ” – Denning and Dunham

We have all the technology we need to shift to an economy that consumes greenhouse gases and regenerates ecosystems.

The fundamental challenge is delivering innovation inside the self-conserving human systems that we call “industry” and “business”.

Innovation Delivery – Principles


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Innovation Delivery – Practices

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Innovation is more than invention

Entrepreneur the change you want to see in the world” - Leigh Baker

Whether you’re an overt entrepreneur or a smart intrapreneur, you’re in the change game. All the inventing we need in order to regenerate the ecosystems we live in has been done.

The bigger game is change – changing the behaviour of the human systems we call “business” and “the economy”.

And human beings are automatically suspicious of external change. This isn’t a logical thing, it’s deeply wired in our biology and our neurology.

First they ignore you,then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.​ -Nicholas Klein

The idea of “rational” human beings making “sound economic decisions” died decades ago. (Ask any copywriter.)

The smarter you learn to work WITH human systems, the bigger your impact will be.

Enabling change is a set of learnable skills

You don’t have to have magical charisma to inspire people – you do need skill.

You need skills in communication, motivation, behaviour change and project delivery. Learnable skills.

There’s a rapidly growing knowledge base on successful innovation delivery that’s been building since the 1960s – and before.

Marketing, social psychology, entrepreneurship, neurobiology and philosophy all provide valuable tools for smarter, change-makers to improve their capability.

Find out which skills and tools you need to increase your productivity.

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Leigh Baker Founder, Balance3

Minimise risk,
maximise reward

Human systems are biologically wired to conserve the status quo – until something better comes along.

Many sustainability messaging practices inherited from the 20th century are just out of date. They assume:

  • Knowing = doing
  • Future existential threat changes behaviour
  • Governments create innovation

21st century sustainability is increasingly about solutions, opportunity, innovation and win/win/win design.


Don’t miss out on the biggest opportunity since the invention of money!Discover how to find your biggest, high-impact opportunity.