“Get” It! The Emerging Regenerative Economy

“Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.”  –  Albert Einstein

There’s a wealth of opportunity on offer for business from environmental and social sustainability – but will you spot it?  You won’t if:

  • You don’t know where to look; and
  • You haven’t tested the opinions and beliefs you hold about environment and business.

A thriving economy for the long term is one where business generates profits BY regenerating its host communities and ecosystems.  This opportunity has been quantified as being worth trillions of dollars globally.

But you won’t see your opportunities if your assumptions about “this sustainability business” are out of date.  If you don’t “get” the shift, you won’t find your opportunities.

Shift your thinking

The growing body of evidence from 30+ years of research, design, testing and commercialisation is that shifting our thinking about “this sustainability thing” is the key first step.

When you “get” the different (but straightforward) core principles and paradigm shifts, then spotting and leveraging your best opportunities becomes a whole lot easier.

Many of the new economic models described by sustainability innovators in the 1990s are already happening in the mainstream.  Once-obscure concepts like “a service economy” have become real world success stories like AirBNB and Uber.  Companies like Interface are making circular supply chains a reality – by taking nylon fishing nets off tropical reefs to make carpet tiles.

Beyond compliance and cost

If your thinking is unconsciously stuck in traditional, 20th century compliance, cost and efficiency approaches, you could end up with expensive, awkward, unsustainable solutions.

Make some straightforward mindset shifts and you get a powerful set of operating principles that enable a whole new set of profitable regenerative solutions.

Do well BY  doing good

20th century industrial thinking puts business first.  Supporting community and environment is treated as a cost to business – or as an obligation to deliver on AFTER business is doing well. Thinking this way, communities and ecosystems exist as satellites external to “the real world”.

As we come to terms with the challenges of the 21st century, the emerging reality is that business exists within communities that exist inside a finite biosphere.

When you get creative, leverage “the magic of AND” and implement smart strategies to do profitable business BY enriching communities and regenerating ecosystems.

Corporate Social Responsibility moves from afterthought and obligation to core profit improvement strategy.

Are you looking for better business opportunities?

If you’re tired of waiting for government action, scared for the future of your kids and want to be part of the shift to a profitable, growth economy that consumes greenhouse gases and regenerates ecosystem, then it’s time to explore smarter designs that deliver better business.

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