The Good Business Accelerator

Are you angry and frustrated with what’s NOT happening about global warming and the environment? Does it feel like there’s a conspiracy of inaction and obfuscation? Do you worry about the future for your children and their children (and yourself)?

Are you interested in the growing, profitable opportunities of strategic business sustainability?

If you’re an entrepreneurial thinker who’s active in business, there’s a world of exciting innovations waiting to be applied.  That’s our purpose:

  • Explore the wealth of practical solutions we already have
  • Plan ways to grow your business (or career)
  • Collaborate with local entrepreneurs on new opportunities
  • Do work worth doing
  • Be an active contributor to reversing global warming and environmental degradation.

If you’re tired of waiting for government action, frustrated with the pace of change and looking for action, opportunities and solutions, join the fun.

We’ll start with solutions like Project Drawdown, The Blue Economy, Systems Thinking and Biomimicry – then explore for seriously good business opportunities.

We’re acting locally in the Dandenong Ranges (Victoria, Australia) and globally in our online forum.


What's global warming got to do with business opportunity?

 Did you know that reversing the process underlying global warming can be achieved within 30 years – just with current technology? (And potentially faster with emerging clean technologies.)

 Are you aware that there are 100  current, practical, commercial actions ranked and quantified to shift to an economy that absorbs carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases instead of emitting them?

Or that Google/Alphabet, Apple, Dell and General Motors are doing commercial startups in various sustainability action areas?

If you knew that:

1) shifting to an economy that consumes greenhouse gases could save $74 trillion in costs avoided and

2) there is $12 trillion in private sector opportunity on offer from the UN’s sustainable development goals

would you want to try for a piece of the action?


Deep Green Profit in the Dandenong Ranges

Are you based in Melbourne’s outer east? (Australia, not Canada)

Would you like to explore the opportunity side of business sustainability and the million-dollar opportunities on offer for entrepreneurial thinkers? 


We’re starting an entrepreneurial action group where we live – in the Dandenong Ranges and Yarra Valley.

WHERE: Yarra Ranges Coworking, Montrose

WHEN: TBA  (weekly, during business hours – because this is about business)

WHAT: We’ll talk about your business, your interests and your opportunities.

FEES: $20 / session

The plan is to start by exploring:

  • the research of Project Drawdown
  • the design approaches of  Systemic Design, Biomimicry and The Circular Economy
  • innovations such as The Blue Economy.

Let’s find out what local opportunities we can create to accelerate Good Business in the Hills.

Entrepreneuring the Regenerative Economy eBook

A growing economic shift in design

After decades of research, development, testing and commercialisation, we’re now at a point in time where strategies for doing well BY doing good increasingly deliver good profits. 

The profit potential is being measured in trillions globally within a couple of decades.

From Biomimicry, Systemic Design and The Circular Economy to Project Drawdown and The Blue Economy, there is a wealth of innovation coming to market.

It didn’t take government action to commercialise the Internet, smartphones and our information-based economy – and we don’t believe we have to wait for government action to accelerate the developing shift to a clean, renewable economy.

There are growing opportunities in developing an economy where profitable businesses consume greenhouse gases, regenerate ecosystems and renew communities.


Who and why?

Hi, there.  I’m Leigh Baker – supply chain consultant turned writer and sustainability blogger.   I live in the Yarra Valley, cowork in Montrose and work online.

I used to avoid thinking about “the environment” – as a business analyst working in manufacturing and warehousing, I knew that turning my TV off at the wall wasn’t going to make enough difference.

Then I discovered the opportunity side of sustainability back in 2002, and have been watching as theories have turned into practice and concepts have turned in to profitable business practice.

We’re now at a point in time, know-how and technology where there’s a wealth of opportunity waiting for entrepreneurs and business innovators. Not just big business – all sizes of business.   

Smart technology, smarter strategies and globalised, open source knowledge mean that we can make a much bigger difference than being “good little consumers” – and have a lot more fun.

I’ll bring the latest know-how, you bring the business you want to make or grow.  Together we’ll entrepreneur a brighter, more sustainable future.


Not local to the Yarra Ranges?

We’re developing an online community, in collaboration with Ranges Australia.  This will be a membership-based discussion forum for entrepreneurial thinkers interested in delivering smart, practical business innovation.

If you’ve been looking for a place where you can grow a good business and make good money from innovating to solve global problems, let us know…