A World of Business and Career Opportunity

Don’t miss out on “the biggest business opportunity in human history”.

The best business (and career) opportunities of the future will be radically greener – they will be actively, intentionally regenerative.

Find out what you need to know to get your piece of the action in a 3 month online program that will tune you in to an exciting new business adventure.

Reality #1

20th century business designs are increasingly obsolete

Models based on extract-emit-exploit supply chains powered by polluting energy sources – systems that use materials once and then dump them into the ecosystems that deliver our food, our water and our climate – are under increasing challenge.

The next generation of economic design – purpose-built to deliver a sustainable, equitable economy that serves 8+ billion people – has come out of the laboratory and is spreading into industry.

It’s a whole new world of opportunity for entrepreneurial business thinkers…

Reality #2

Disruptive economic innovation at scale is done by BUSINESS

Governments govern. They regulate what is. They can fund research and seed new ideas. However, governments don’t regularly deliver and scale innovative new products, processes and systems.

Disruptive economic innovation AT SCALE is the job of smart, entrepreneurial businesses of ALL sizes.

Today, more and more innovators and entrepreneurs are leveraging the growing technology base developed. They’re using it to deliver on growing business and consumer demand for real sustainability.

That makes regeneration the job of business…. (and potentially the biggest opportunity since the invention of money)

Reality #3

It's hard to find YOUR opportunities if you don't know where to look

It’s not stupidity – it’s biology. Neuroscience has now confirmed what philosophers noticed centuries ago: We see what we know about – not what actually exists.

So while the world’s inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs have been busy building better, more regenerative business for over 30 years, their wealth of smart, practical solutions could well be invisible to you.

If you’ve been programmed to believe that “the environment” requires “government action” then you could well miss out on opportunities you never knew existed.

And this at a time when demand has never been greater!

What do you need to know to see beyond “problem/cost/catastrophe”?

What are the myths that make 'this environment thing' seem overwhelming?

Are you sick and tired of concerned environmentalists demanding action from recalcitrant governments and archaic, status quo corporations?

Do you work in business and know from the process you’re part of that reducing your personal environmental footprint ISN’T anything like the answer?

Do you turn off from mainstream environmental news because it’s depressing, infuriating and terrifying – all at once?

Is the end result that you’re waiting and hoping for solutions – but feeling powerless and confused?

Have you decided to ignore environmental issues for now, and get on with caring for your family and building your business career?

Are you considering taking a sabbatical from business and volunteering somewhere? Or joining a political party to get some action?

That’s what used to seriously frustrate me…

That’s how I felt for years, before I was introduced to a new world of design thinking.

I’d spent decades on technology implementation projects as manufacturing systems consultant. I worked in factories and warehouses up and down Australia’s east coast.

Every day I saw massive amounts of energy and materials used (and wasted). I didn’t like it – but hoped that doing my job would reduce waste and make a difference.

I wasn’t convinced – but I didn’t have a better answer. I was still worried, frustrated and concerned – so I did what I could to be a responsible consumer.

Then I did a career change to coaching – but I still felt worried and powerless.

AND THEN... I got lucky

In 2002, my post-grad adviser introduced me to the developing world of regenerative business.

That discovery shifted me from disengagement, overwhelm and suppressed despair to excitement, curiosity and learning.

Ever since then I’ve been cataloging solutions and developing straightforward models to explain the big ideas of the world’s best innovators.

Now I want to share that excitement – and those solutions – with you.

With some straightforward new principles to guide you PLUS some advanced communication skills and innovation practices, it’s possible that you could turn your business career into your best and most powerful opportunity to “save the planet”.

AND make a good living as well as a brighter future.

If you want to do more than “eat less meat” and “fly less air miles” then join the regenerative business party…

Regeneration for Fun and Profit

Leading edge corporates and smart small businesses are giving up
“do less harm” and turning to “do more good”.

This next-generation approach to business is called regenerative business. It’s all about doing well BY doing good – USING SOLUTIONS WE ALREADY HAVE.

It’s about transitioning the 20th century extract-emit-exploit systems we inherited into systems that regenerate ecosystems and renew communities and make generous profits.

Once you “get it” it’s elegant, exciting – and surprisingly straightforward.

Are you interested in learning to be a regenerative business entrepreneur (or Intrapreneur)?

The answers are out there – they exist and they are commercial - and you can get a head start with

Regenerative Thinking In Action

Be part of the growing Regenerative Economy

As a Regenerative Business Entrepreneur (or Intrapreneur), you’ll start to see the world through new eyes, using a new mindset.

You won’t be stuck in unthinking resentment of the status quo – you have a new vantage point from which to develop new opportunities.

“Don’t fight the existing system, work to make it irrelevant” -Buckminster Fuller

Your career in business will be based on making the world of business more sustainable, not just less harmful.

The starting point is to understand the core solutions and the key enablers that make for delivering a real difference.

AND as a Regenerative Business Entrepreneur, you’ll be in the business of regeneration and abundance – not scarcity, compliance and regulation.

Get a head start on the next Industrial Revolution...

Learning to be a Regenerative Business Entrepreneur gives you an UNFAIR advantage – because you have a world of new strategies and practices at your fingertips. You’re in the game with the best of the best.



You’ve joined a new world of can-do people. You’re operating in a world of innovators and entrepreneurs who are as committed to a sustainable future as they are to making their dreams into reality.



Your business career will no longer be ‘just’ about a product or service. The fundamental design thinking skills of regenerative design and innovation delivery are about delivering lasting, sustainable value.



You will be free to work on what works for you, instead of wasting time and energy on ineffective, scarcity-based “shoulds”…



Because you’re having fun, making a new career or growing a new business, you’ll attract others into the game.
That will utterly transform your world – globally.

“The side with the most flexibility wins”Lao Tze, The Art of War

Explore your opportunities with.. Regenerative Thinking In Action

So the question is HOW can you become a Regenerative Business Entrepreneur?

You need to learn to see the world differently.

You need to understand how to leverage what the world knows about Regenerative Business.

You need fast access to the solutions most relevant to your interests, your skills, your industry.

To do all of that on your own could take you a long time

THAT’s why I created Regenerative Thinking In Action as a small group online coaching & mentoring program.

You didn’t need to understand the internal combustion engine to drive your first car.

  • You did need to understand where to find the accelerator, the breaks and the indicators.
  • You did need to understand the road rules, and which side of the road to stay on.
  • You did need to practice your growing skill.

Regenerative Thinking in Action will give you the basic skills and practices that you need so you can go exploring for your opportunities.

In Regenerative Thinking in Action, you’ll learn where to look and what to look for.

Your best opportunities could well flow out of where you live now and what you do now – IF you know what’s possible.

You DON’T need to know all about every aspect of Regenerative Business to get started – so your Regenerative Thinking In Action program will be tailored to you and the other group members – to your interests, your location, your work, your goals and your passions.

It will get you started on the journey – and it could well move you from resentful despair to constructive, courageous, practical, positive, business action.

When you learn how to turn Regenerative Thinking into business action, you’ll start to create your own Regeneration Plan.

We’ll co-designing your business or career Regeneration Plan and I’ll coach you through the first steps of putting that plan into action.

"It’s not just the writing you do – your editing also adds huge value. The word craft you add means that I understand my own blog – and so do my readers. When I’m looking for ideas, you’re the ultimate expansion pack for my brain. The content ideas we generate together are gold."

Ian Hopkinson, The Original Mad Scienist

"Working with Leigh was exciting. It gave me relief from growing despair and focussed me more on solutions and how I can be part of spreading them. My podcast is better because of it."

Mark Spencer, Climactic FM

So what exactly is the program about?

Regenerative Thinking In Action is built on 3 Themes
Theme 1

Understanding the developing, leading edge principles underlying regenerative business.

Theme 2

Analysing how innovators around the world are turning those principles into practical solutions.

Theme 3

Applying those principles to you – where you live, the work you do and the future you want to create.

What the program involves

  • A 3 month, individual, online mentoring program.
  • Guides to the current knowledge base – including my unique, straight forward summaries and the best bits from global thought leaders of the last 3 decades.
  • 12 (weekly) 1 hour online coaching/mentoring sessions
  • My best answers to as many written questions as you want to submit in an online forum

30 Day No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee

Discovering the opportunity side of sustainability and how you can get your piece of the fun seems pretty attractive to me.

However, if for some reason you don’t feel the same, just let me know at any point in your first 30-days and I’ll send you a full refund.


What you end up with

  • A new understanding of the wealth of constructive, scalable innovations – both the principles and the working models
  • Your personal plan for taking Regenerative Action.

The world needs a LOT of Regenerative Thinkers taking action – FAST.

So I’m keeping the price for this program as low as I can – for now.

Register For Your Regenerative Thinking In Action Program Today For Just


"Leigh's unique blend of know how and inspiration makes her a whole lot of fun as well as informing and empowering.  Increase your planetary success story. She's a great mentor, educator and writer."

Anne-Maree McInerney, Models of Success and Sustainability

"What Leigh knows about the fun side of sustainability and its opportunities is nothing short of awesome. The connections she makes and the potential they offer makes me feel excited about the future."

Ian Hopkinson

Key Themes of Regenerative Thinking In Action

Theme #1

The Developing Design Principles

Mental models, physics, whatever you call them – every practice is built on a set of principles and foundation concepts. Understanding them means you can repeat them.

And as you understand the principles and the opportunities – and learn who’s already in action on them – you’ll get a whole new take on “this sustainability thing”.

Theme #2

How the Principles are Being Practised

All the theory in the world isn’t enough for real learning – seeing how the fundamental principles are being applied in different circumstances will

Smart, entrepreneurial thinkers have been engineering smarter systems since the 1970s – we’ll explore the case studies most relevant to you.

Theme #3

Exploring your possibilities and scoping your best opportunities.

“If I tell you what you should do, you should RUN. What you should do is what lights you up, what you should do is what turns you on”
-Paul Hawken

We’ll turn the most relevant principles and practices into your first draft Regeneration Plan.

Discover A Community of Spirit and Intent

“There’s been an over-emphasis on what “you” can do – “you” you” “you” “you”. The only way we are going to solve this is to come together and be a “we”.”
– Paul Hawken

The world of regenerative business innovation is exciting, and full of positive, can-do people. So when you start exploring, you’ll likely end up in a vibrant community of fascinating people.

"Leigh has a unique ability to draw out positive notions and move regenerative thinking forward in business decisions as a founder. Her wealth of wisdom and depth of experience is openly shared whilst helping to unlock personal potential and see opportunities that are a little less obvious in sustainable business practices. She's a breath of fresh air, an influential presence and a mindful advisor."

Allie Ames, Classic Bouquets

"Working with Leigh was exciting. It gave me relief from growing despair and focussed me more on solutions and how I can be part of spreading them. My podcast is better because of it."

Mark Spencer, Climactic FM

Are you ready to invest in your regenerative future?

The more smart, dedicated, can-do people working to deliver a cleaner, smarter, safer regenerative economy the better…

It’s not for everyone – but it is for anyone with a genuine desire to do better business.

For three months of mentoring, inspiration and practical action possibilities, the introductory price is just AU$599

The world needs a LOT of Regenerative Thinkers taking action – FAST.

So I’m keeping the price for this program as low as I can for as long as I can.

Register For The Next Regenerative Thinking In Action Program Today For Just


Here’s a wrap-up of what you will get:


Full Forum access for the duration of the program


12 1-hour online mentoring / coaching calls


Straightforward guides to regenerative business principles, in plain business language.


Curated reading lists, podcast and video play lists, so you get the essentials – fast.

FREE BONUS EXTRAS You’ll also receive:

  • 2 x 30 minute followup coaching/mentoring calls in the 6 months after your program finishes.
  • A free copy of my next book “An Inconvenient Species” when it’s published in June 2023.
  • A 10% discount on future individual coaching/mentoring programs.

30 Day No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee

Discovering the opportunity side of sustainability and how you can get your piece of the fun seems pretty attractive to me.

However, if for some reason you don’t feel the same, just let me know at any point in your first 30-days and I’ll send you a full refund.



Here are some answers to the questions I get most frequently

  • What’s this regenerative thinking that you talk about?

    Regenerative thinking is about designing the win/win/win solutions that build profits, benefit communities and regenerate ecosystems. It’s about learning to do leverage ‘the magic of AND’ and responding profitably and effectively to the increased market expectations of the 21st century.

    Leadership expert Stephen Covey talked a lot about win/win strategy and beginning with the end in mind. Regenerative thinking applies this to doing business sustainably for the long term.

    There’s a deep knowledge base that has been developing since the 1970 (at least) on how to deliver valuable, profitable products and services in ways that renew communities and regenerate ecosystems. There is a growing range of renewable innovations available and while they can seem complex, there are straightforward fundamental principles that anybody can grasp.

  • I don’t believe in Climate Change, so why would I talk to you?

    Whether or not you believe in climate change (or peak oil, or global warming, or peak phosphate, or the cost of lost biodiversity) is becoming increasingly irrelevant in the face of the emerging bioscience revolution. We find it more relevant to ask:

    • Are you oriented for success in a world where change is a way of life and the rate of change is accelerating?
    • Are you scanning for the indicators of where cultural and technological change is coming from and looking for the opportunities that change will bring?
    • Do you and your organisation have the capabilities to surf the waves of change and adapt to them, or will they wipe you out as they roll in?

    We assess that what really matters about environmental sustainability concerns is the emerging tsunami of technological and business delivery innovation that they have generated over the past 3 decades.

    You don’t have to ‘believe’ the issues – but if you ignore their consequences, you could end up in the same place as video stores and vinyl record manufacturers. There’s much more to regenerative business than Corporate Social Responsibility, obligation and efficiency.

  • Why are you called Balance3?

    Actually, the idea for the business name is Balance3 as in:

    balance * balance * balance

    We believe that developing these three forms of balance (skill) can substantially multiply one’s capability to make a difference in the world:

    • Personal balance and effectiveness
    • Innovation delivery effectiveness
    • Global balance and effectiveness

    The multiplier effect means that just a bit more personal balance, a bit more operational balance and a bit more global balance can make a significant difference to your results in living. But “Balance Cubed” seems to confuse more people than it helps at the moment.

  • You seem to cover three very different subject matter areas – why?
    1. Regenerative thinking lifts the bar of business design – it’s about thinking beyond traditional products and services to develop new business models that deliver value, not just products and services. The fundamental design proposition is DESIGN TO DO MORE GOOD.
      We have decades of experience in manufacturing, distribution and the supply chain – this is the foundation of our expertise. From our systems perspective, we have formed the assessment that regenerative business is the difference that is going to make the difference to our future sustainability and prosperity.
      We assess governments and consumers to be secondary influencers on business strategy and business operation – we believe in going to the source with win/win/win offers too good to refuse.
      We understand traditional business supply chain design, and the constraints of their design principles, so we ‘speak business’ very differently from many mainstream sustainability advocates.
    2. New business models require skilled innovation delivery to implement them – and the influencing skills that get a new practice successfully adopted by a specific company or community.
      Influencing and coordination were once considered ‘talents’ rather than skills. One of the most exciting ‘technologies’ developed in recent decades has little to do with Silicon Valley – it’s the craft and technology of using language and leadership to generate action and engagement.
      These are now learnable skills that we teach in the context of sustainability entrepreneurship.
    3. Skilled change agents get people to WANT to do what needs to be done. To foster innovation and keep doing it over the long term requires emotional intelligence – optimism, communication skill, empathy and influencing capability – as well as excellent time & task management.
      It’s a closed loop too – if you’re stressed, your physiology shuts down the best, most productive and creative parts of your brain. If you’re not thinking and working well, you’ll get stuck in protective action rather than strategic action.We assess that sustainability advocates can’t afford NOT to be positive – that it’s as critical to develop this learnable skill as it is to develop technical expertise (or even more critical).