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Following an a deeply regenerative 4 days, here is an offer of some material you may find useful, including:

What’s already happening in the world of regenerative business that you won’t find in the mainstream:

  • A reminder of the title of “that book about that carpet company”  Business Lessons from a Radical Industrialist by Ray Anderson on the first 12 years of Interface’s journey to become the world’s firs RESTORATIVE business.
  • Ray Anderson in 2013 speaking about Interface, their goals and what they had achieved through observing sustainability differently.
  • A great video on INTERFACE’s recent NETWORKS project recovering fishing nets from Pacific islands and reefs and creating local jobs.


My R&D around regenerative sustainability, innovation and coaching:

  • An invitation to explore my adaptation of Coaching In Action into an equivalent 3-day workshop Innovation In Action (see below)
  • An invitation to consider the LinkedIn group Regenerative Business where I share some of the best of the good news that doesn’t make the mainstream.
  • The rationale for a 2010 workshop for coaches on Observing Sustainability Differently (see below).


Innovation in Action

Ever since I read The Innovator’s Way, I’ve felt that Coaching in Action could easily become Innovation in Action.

The following items have been sitting in my computer since 2014.  I would value any feedback on whether you consider them useful.  To me, they’re very minor adaptations from Coaching in Action so ownership sits with Newfield Institute Australia.

My offer is these three pieces:

  1. A workshop plan: Program Outline – Innovation in Action
  2. Workshop handouts: Innovation In Action – Workshop Handouts
  3. Activities notes: Innovation In Action – Workshop Activities

My request is for feedback on anything you find useful.

Regenerative Business Coaching

Back in 2010, in collaboration with Alan S, I put together a 1-day introductory workshop for Ontological Coaches on the possibility of Regenerative Business Coaching called Observing Sustainability Differently    We trialed it in December 2010.

Ontology is “the how of the how” of accelerating the adoption of Regenerative Business models.   If this is an opportunity you would like to consider for your future practice then let’s have a conversation for possibilities.


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