The Case for Deep Green Profits

There are trillions of dollars in business opportunity on offer as we shift from a 19th century Industrial Economy to a 21st century Regenerative Economy.

We keep a list of recent research results that put $$$s on the opportunities here:

Trillions in Drawdown, Circular Economy and Sustainable Development Goal opportunities…


Foundation reading

There’s been a wealth of design work done on sustainable and regenerative business, innovation delivery and personal effectiveness over the past 40 years or more.  There’s more than enough to get you started – but where to begin?

A short history of 40 years of regenerative thinking in action

We keep this original blog post updated with a timeline of the past 4 decades of regenerative design and entrepreneurial success.

Explore the R&D and results behind the solutions to this ‘wicked’ ‘problem’…

For our fellow book-junkies – our most valued reads

There’s a range of knowledge available about regenerative business and innovation – where best to invest your reading time?

Download a list of our favourite books….

The essence of a one of the classics – Natural Capitalism

One of the thought leaders in regenerative thinking is a great book called Natural Capitalism. It’s available online, however if you don’t have time to explore its mass of detail, check out our strategic summary.

Download our short whitepaper “Translating NATURAL CAPITALISM” here…

Inspirations from Cradle to Cradle

If you’ve got the book but haven’t had time to read it, here’s our pick of the best bits.

Inspirations from Cradle to Cradle – 2008

Tools for innovation delivery and change-making

We’ve built a tool kit of useful processes and models to help innovators skill up to deliver more successful projects.

Insights from Myers Briggs

One of the tools our clients find really useful for understanding themselves and others is the Myers Briggs Temperament model.

Download our workbook on Myers Briggs Perspectives here…

Beginning with a WELL-FORMED end in mind

A five-point checklist on setting well formed goals, whether you’re managing your way through life or planning a bit of quiet world-changing.

Download our goal-setting worksheet here…

Dimensions of change-making model

Dimensions of change-making modelA quick exploration of some dimensions of effective innovation delivery that can get over-looked.


Download the model here…


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