How do you turn “doing good” into better business?

Good is too good to leave to government and charity!

Business doesn’t exist in a vacuum  – it operates INSIDE communities that live INSIDE ecosystems.

However well-intentioned, business strategy that seeks to do well at the cost of it’s host communities and ecosystems is inefficient.

“Do well first – then if you do well then you can do some good” is increasingly blinding business to a wealth of opportunity:

  • The Circular Economy is calculated €1.8 trillion total benefits to the EU from resource productivity by 2030 (March 2018).
  • Project Drawdown’s research quantifying how to shift to an economy that consumes greenhouse gases within 30 years ALSO estimated savings of $74 trillion in costs avoided over the 20th century industrial status quo (April 2017).
  • Analysis of the Sustainable Development Goals quantified private sector opportunities in excess of $12 trillion by 2030 (January 2017).

The products and services that we use every day are primarily delivered by business.  It’s business that designs, builds and maintains the systems that deliver our products and services.

So it’s business that has the biggest opportunity to profit from a win/win/win approach to sustainability and “do well BY doing good”.

What if we designed for regeneration?

What happens when we “begin with the end in mind” and design products and services that regenerate their host communities and ecosystems?

Innovators and early adopters have been working on the concepts, processes and technologies of Regenerative Business for over three decades.  The principles, models and technologies they’ve developed have been moving from concept to reality since the 1990s.

Their answer is “You make good money!”

At this point in time in the 21st century, all the inventing required to deliver profitable products and services that renew communities and regenerate ecosystems HAS BEEN DONE.

Increasingly, the successful solutions are smart, profitable, local solutions – so regenerative business is a massive opportunity for small business.

The biggest business opportunity since the invention of money is in taking these new, regenerative business models and spreading them from successful their early adopters into wider use.

Balance3 is in the game of spreading the possibilities and practicalities of regenerative business innovation through business learning and development programs.  Our delivery modes include:

  • Training and Education
  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • Speaking

We have a range of standard program offerings in different modes and can customise these to individual requirements.   Our menu includes:


Business training and education programs

Understand your potential opportunities to grow your business and improve your children’s future.  You’ll learn what’s happening in the world and what’s possible for you with our strategic briefings and training programs.

CSR, compliance and efficiency are just “so 20th Century” when there’s a wealth of smart strategy just waiting to be turned into profitable business growth.

You may need a 30 minute introduction to Regenerative Business strategy for your board or a practical innovation delivery skill-builder for your high-potential professionals.  We have a range of standard programs which we tailor to your business and your industry.

Explore our business programs…

Individual coaching and mentoring programs

Our mentoring and coaching programs are for individuals who need time-efficient, context-specific knowledge in or across the three domains we work in – regenerative thinking, innovation delivery and personal effectiveness.

You could be a business operator who wants to explore for opportunities;  a sustainability professional tired of pushing hard to get change happening; or an entrepreneurial thinker looking for a new direction.

We combine relevant knowledge delivery with practical skill development and the structural discipline of coaching (and incorporate a good deal of laughter along the way).

Explore our coaching and mentoring programs…


Get the good news about the opportunity side of sustainability and the learnable skills of innovation delivery – without the jargon and without the ‘doom and gloom’ of the mass media.

We can help your board, your business or your community understand what’s possible so they can start to explore for their opportunities.

Explore our standard speaking offerings..

Community development programs

At the heart of regenerative design is the goal of meeting local needs from local resources.  Many of the latest innovations involve a lot of smart thinking rather than a huge amount of funding, so there is great community development potential.

We can help you understand the straightforward principles and practices without a lot of technical double-speak, then scan for your local opportunities for doing well by doing good.

Explore our community development offerings…


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