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If you haven’t yet downloaded An Entrepreneur’s Guide to the Regenerative Economy, then that could be useful preparation.


There’s also lots of cool insight into the Principles and Practices of Regenerative Business on this resources page:

This is an exciting space with new examples showing up all the time.
I put the best ones I find in my social feeds (guaranteed NOT to contain doom and destruction content).

What People Say

“Leigh has a unique ability to draw out positive notions and move regenerative thinking forward in business decisions as a founder.
Her wealth of wisdom and depth of experience is openly shared whilst helping to unlock personal potential and see opportunities that are a little less obvious in sustainable business practices. She’s a breath of fresh air, an influential presence and a mindful advisor.”

Allie Ames, Classic Bouquets

“Leigh’s unique blend of know how and inspiration makes her a whole lot of fun as well as informing and empowering.  Increase your planetary success story. She’s a great mentor, educator and writer.”

Anne-Maree McInerney, Models of Success and Sustainability

“Working with Leigh was exciting. It gave me relief from growing despair and focussed me more on solutions and how I can be part of spreading them. My podcast is better because of it.”

Mark Spencer, Climactic FM

“What Leigh knows about the fun side of sustainability and its opportunities is nothing short of awesome. The connections she makes and the potential they offer makes me feel excited about the future.”

Ian Hopkinson

“It’s not just the writing you do – your editing also adds huge value. The word craft you add means that I understand my own blog – and so do my readers. When I’m looking for ideas, you’re the ultimate expansion pack for my brain. The content ideas we generate together are gold.”

Ian Hopkinson, The Original Mad Scienist

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