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Personal Resilience Resources

“Shine brightly, don’t burn out ”

We face growing anxiety and accelerating complexity – so we need to be our best selves. The challenge to stay positive has never been greater…

Thrive in a Changing World – Principles


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Thrive in a Changing World – Practices


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Be the change, not a prophet of doom

Build your resilience and thrive instead of struggling

“Hope is the pretty side of fear. We don’t need more hope, we need more fearlessness” – Paul Hawken

In a world of anxiety-inducing headlines about catastrophe, government inaction, corporate greed and consumer irresponsibility, how do we stay resilient?

How do we develop our skills and increase our capability to be fearless and take action?

Lead the change you want to see in the world

A surprising number of people shy away from the “L” word – LEAD. It gets every bit as much rejection as many other 4-letter words..

“I’m not a leader.” “I’m not anyone special.” “I’m just an ordinary person”. “I couldn’t do THAT!”

“Leaders get people to WANT to do what needs to be done”
– Warren Bennis

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Leigh Baker Founder, Balance3

Put on your own
oxygen mask first

While it’s totally human to be overwhelmed, living that way is bad for you spirit, bad for your health and disastrous for your ability to make a difference.

We have centuries of know how, from philosophy and Zen to Mindfulness and Positive Psychology and Behavioural Economics.

We also have a growing understanding of how to deal with anxiety, trauma and procrastination. We can call on resources from around the globe to build our resilience and our productivity.

Find the right resilience practices to keep you at the top of your game.

Be a smarter, better change-maker with the skills to stay productive and focussed.

“It’s not game over, it’s GAME ON” – Paul Hawken

With the right tools and skills – and outlook – you can be a smart change-maker instead of a victim.

We have the technology, we have the tools – our limitations are old beliefs, habits and mindsets.

If you're not in balance then burnout is a real risk

If you’ve been sucked into ‘strive and struggle’, then you may no longer know how to say “no”.
Explore the best ways for you to recharge.


Don’t miss out on the biggest opportunity since the invention of money!Discover how to find your best, high-impact opportunities.