How best to read “Drawdown”?

I’m loving the recently released book “Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed To Reverse Global Warming” – but friends have found it a bit overwhelming.

So now when I give it to them to look at, I guide them through it this way:

  1. I open it at the back, starting them with the section “What do the numbers tell us?”  with it’s Top 15 Solutions.
  2. Then I turn over the page and show them the section”Summary of Solutions by Overall Ranking” – which gives the full Top 100.
  3. Next I show them the Table of Contents, where the solutions are arranged by subjects, such as “Land Use” and “Energy”.
  4. Then I turn to Paul Hawken’s introduction “Origins” and point to the last paragraph on awakening “creativity, compassion and genius”.
  5. Then I hand the book over for them to browse (never to borrow)
  6. When I retrieve it, I show them the Drawdown website so they can order their own copy:

So if your copy has just arrived and you’re wondering how to start exploring 200+ pages of career and business opportunity, this might stop it ending up on your “read one day” pile.

Drawdown - how to read it

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